Niche Profit Classroom 4.0 Review

Table of contents :
    What is NPC?
    The Training
            Classroom Modules
            Member Only Webinars
            Personalized Coaching
    The Niche Packs
    Free Tools For Members
            The Downsides
            The Upsides
            Final Verdict
    IMPORTANT UPDATE (2013/02/24)

Note: This is a review for Niche Profit Classroom 4.0, an online marketing education program. You can check out their site by clicking the banner below but you definitely want to read this whole review to understand the specifications of this program and find out if it is really what you are looking for.

aking money online is really a dream worth pursuing. You understand that but others around you might not. Your friends and family might tell you that you're chasing a pipe dream that will only lead to your inevitable demise.

But if you're like most people who venture in this type of business, you want to be your own boss, call your own shots, make the doubters jealous and prove them wrong.

At the end of the day, there are people all over the world that have setup their own automatic money making websites and are enjoying the benefits every single day. And if they can do it, gull-darn-it you should be able to do that aswell. Right?

The big problem comes when you need to find information that actually works. Most programs are either overhyped crap that couldn't teach a turtle to hide or, if they actually do contain good information, they sell for "only three payments of 997$!".

I mean, investing a lot of money up front is scary stuff when you're just getting started out because you don't know if the program you paid for is actually going to work for you. And even if it does sell for a reasonable amount, there's always a good chance that your paying for a scam.

The fact is, you need a good mentor and in the internet marketing world , that translates into a rock solid education program that makes implementation easy. One that not only tells you what to do, but more importantly how to do it.

So why is it so hard to find a program that is both affordable AND that provides top notch information and resources? I don't know. All I know is that if you can relate, Niche Profit Classroom might be just what you're looking for. So keep reading this review if you want to find out more about it and what it can offer you.


What is NPC?

NPC is a membership website that was created by Adam Short and Alan Sultanic, long time niche marketing professionals. It has been around for a long time now and has evolved into quite a big place with tons of resources and information.

The dashboard has everything laid out in a clean and simple manner

The strategy behind NPC is that you build websites, get them to rank high in google (which gets them traffic) and you put various advertisements on these websites in order to get them to make. It is essentially search engine marketing.
It is a membership site and at 69$ per month, it isn’t cheap. However, it gives you all the tools you need to build websites that google loves and will be easy to rank. This price includes hosting for 15 websites, powerful research tools (the keyword tool and the market profiler) and site building tools (Niche Profit Press, Sales page builder, optin page builder and the mini-course builder). That means the only additional cost to the monthly fee is the price it costs to purchase domain names (which run at about 10$ each).


The training

Getting the websites to actually rank high in google can be tricky and this is why the training is so important. It is split up into 4 sections and will show you all you need to succeed and tells you in what order to do things. It teaches you market and keyword research, how to build high quality sites with all the right parts and finally how to get them to rank in the search engines.


The Classroom

Any niche marketing education program is only as good as the info it provides and in comparaison with other programs, NPC is truly outstanding. Instead of simply giving you a pdf manual and letting you figure out the deatils, all training is done through streaming videos. The clarity of the videos is the best I have ever seen and this makes taking action an absolute breeze. I am glad to report that everything is laid out in full and no stone is left unturned, no question left unanswered.

The classroom is split up into 4 section, each teaching a different money making strategy

This is very refreshing since so many internet marketing programs tell you what to do but very few actually show you HOW. I seriously think that all marketers thinking of making their own video education program should take a look at NPC just to see how video training should be done. It’s that good.
The meat of the program is located in the “classroom” section of the site and is split up into 4 sub-sections that show you the basics of internet marketing. They each show you how use the various tools to build a website as well as different monetization techniques for the websites you build.
Niche Profit Shortcut (NPS): This section shows you how to monetise your sites with adsense, which is essentially placing ads on your website so that when visitors click on them, you make a commission.
Niche Profit Affiliate Physical (NPAP): Very similar to the NPS section, this part shows you how to monetise your sites with affiliate links to physical products (like electronics, tools, furniture, books, etc) instead of text ads like in the NPS section. Basically anything you can find on amazon fits this model. There are also other affiliate networks where you can find physical products to promote and NPC tells you exactly where to look for them.
Niche Profit Affiliate Digital (NPAD): This section is practically identical to the NPAP section, but instead of showing you how to promote physical products, it shows you how to promote digital products such as ebooks and software. This section tells you how to identify the products that are worth your time to build a site around as well as where to look for such products (Clickbank, etc).
Niche Profit Vendor (NPV): This section is quite a bit more complex as it is aimed towards people who are interested in creating and selling their own digital product. Therefore, there are more steps involved and setting up such a site requires quite a bit more time but the rewards can be worth it. This section also tells you how to put up your products on Clickbank and get other affiliates to promote them for you.

The Webinars

Every month or so, members get to participate in webinars that are recorded and archived for later viewing

Beyond the classroom, Adam Short often hosts webinars to add to what is taught in the classroom. These occur about once a month on average and teach additional techniques that build on what is taught in the classroom. They are all recorded so members can access them at any time they want. They are always very informative and in line with what google wants in terms of website building and obtaining backlinks.
Adam also often answers live questions on the webinar so it is a great place to get some help. You can also ask to be on a “hot seat”, where Adam goes over your website with you live on the webinar and helps to guide you on what you are doing wrong and what you can improve upon. There is usually quite a bit of demand for the questions and the hot seats so there is no guarantee that you will be chosen. Get there and ask early and you chances will be better.


The coaching

Anytime you have a question that you want answered you can just submit a ticket and Jenna Scaglione (getting an internet marketing professional to answer your questions is a huge bonus) will answer your question in the form of a video posted on the website that is available to all other members. This means that you can also access other questions posted by other people that you might not have thought of, but can provide you with some valuable information.
There is a downside here and that is that your questions sometimes take a lot of time to get answered. This can be quite inconvenient when your question is somewhat urgent but the answers are always very clear and helpful. For professional advice, waiting a few days is a small price to pay (most of the time).


The Niche Packs

Every month, 3 new niche packs get uploaded to the members area

Another benefit of being a Niche Profit Classroom member is that Adam Short’s team put together pre-built websites that you only have to choose a domain for and upload the files to. This is very nice to have since the market research has already been done, the graphics are already made and the articles are written for you.
Of course, this can cause a problem. Because many members at NPC upload them “as is”, you will need to rewrite the articles if you want any chance at getting such websites ranked in google. But if you put in a little effort and act a little smarter than others, there is no reason that you can’t turn a profit with these websites. Remember, they are free and can save you a bunch of time. Take them as the gift they are and make the most of them.


The tools

No Niche Profit Classroom review would be complete if it didn’t talk about the tools provided. When ever you login to your account, you get access to the market profiler, the keyword tool, the site builder and the various wizards designed to help you build sales pages and opt-in pages.

The market profiler lets you know whether or not it is worth entering a given market

Market profiler: This tool lets you evaluate whether or not a niche is worth entering. Building a website and ranking it takes time so having data to tell you whether or not it is worth the time and effort is invaluable.
Keyword Advantage: This is the keyword research tool and is also an essential part of building websites. It will show you the keywords with the least competition that still get enough traffic to make them worthwhile. It also includes a domain search function and they have even added in a content research function which helps you gather information for article writing. This is truly a great tool that helps take out the guess work and helps cut down on research time.

Check out this overview of the free keyword tool that every NPC member gets access to; Keyword Advantage

Niche Profit Press Ultimate (NPPU): This is the site builder tool that makes it easy to build sites fast even without any technical knowledge. It is simple and gets the job done but don’t expect as much flexibility as other content management systems like say Wordpress.
NPPU is designed to build sites that are google friendly, not works of art. There is one theme and that is it so all sites built with this program have the same general look. There are even a few details that cannot be customised without altering the html or css code itself which requires a little bit of technical know-how.
For example, the color of the borders of the boxes in which to enter your name, email and message on the “Contact Us page” cannot be changed without manually digging in the css code. This is kind of annoying when you are trying to build a site with a consistent color scheme.
Mini-course, sales page and optin page wizards: These aren’t as much tools as they are “fill-in-the-blank” templates for email mini-courses, sales pages and optin pages. They are what they are and are very useful if you aren’t an expert copywriter.

The community

Adam Short also likes to keep the members updated by posting new information on the NPC blog every few days. This is great to stay on top of what is going on as well as learn about upcoming webinars and events.

There is also a forum where members can interact, support and generally just hang out with each other. One thing I noticed however is that neither the administrators or the members are very active in the forum (nowhere near the likes of the warrior forum). Getting your questions answered is best done through the coaching support.


The downsides

This program isn't perfect though as there are a few downsides to it. Outside of the time it takes to get your questions answered sometimes and the limitations of the site builder, there are some things in the education section that could be more up to date.
At the time of this writing, recent search engine updates are wrecking havoc on websites all over. The main thing that needed to be adapted in Niche Profit Classroom was the classroom section on getting high search engine rankings through backlinking and on-site factors.

They put out webinars on the subject but still haven’t updated the classroom modules on the subject. If you want to stay on top of things, you really have to stay up to date and watch the webinars as soon as they come out and if you are a new member, it is vital that you watch the recordings.
Also, the classroom section on email marketing is quite basic. It does a great job of teaching you how to set up the technical aspects but beyond the email mini-course template, there isn’t much in the way of effective email marketing and copywriting advice.

The Upsides

The upsides to registering for this education program and many. As a training ground for learning the foundational skills that you need to become a proficient internet marketer, it is second to none.

More than anything, it not only tells you what parts are needed to build a successful website, it shows you how to put them all together. That fact is reflected not only by the extensive training provided but also by the multiple tools that are free for members.

There is free hosting for up to 15 sites. The keyword tool is better than many more expensive standalone options out there. The site builder is quite possibly the easiest to use out there. The list of benefits goes on and on.

Final Verdict

Deciding whether or not Niche Profit Classroom is the right program for you really comes down to your expectations and where your current internet marketing skills are.

Do you know how to pick a niche that has a high probability of being profitable? Do you know the differences between setting up affiliate, adsense or merchant sites? Do you know how to build a site that is easy to rank in google? Do you know how to build backlinks to get traffic from the search engines? More importantly, are you currently making money?

If you already know how to do all these things and are already raking in a good income, this course probably won't teach you anything you don't already know. You might find value in the free hosting and keyword tool though.

On the other hand, if you don't know how to do any of this, NPC is the best place to learn the basics of niche marketing and SEO, bar none.

The same elements that make this program wrongly suited for more advanced marketers are the same elements that make it great for beginners. It keeps things simple and teaches the foundational principles that every single internet marketer absolutely needs to have if they hope to build any kind of substantial online income. On top of that, they provide every single tool that you could possibly need to make this work.

Hosting for 15 sites is available for the standard membership. The pro membership gives access to unlimited hosting

With everything that is provided, NPC is easily worth more than the monthly fee. The free hosting for 15 websites is worth more than 69$ alone (you can also pay 99$ for the pro membership, where you get unlimited hosting). All the education, webinars, coaching and tools make this membership a deal that is hard to beat. Seriously. I dare you to go out and find a better deal on a similar product.
Keep in mind that there is work involved. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme and if you're not serious about putting in the time required you might want to look elsewhere.

Chances are, you've probably found this site by running a google search. Well know this: this entire site is built on the principles taught at NPC. The site builder I used here is their proprietary site builder (NPPU). If that isn't proof enough that this program works, then I don't know what is.

On a personal note, this program is the most enduring IM subscription I have. I've had it for over 2 years now and don't plan on dropping it any time soon. The program itself has gone through 4 variations (five soon). How many online marketing education programs do you know of that actually give a damn to refresh themselves and their content that often? Others usually just release a new product instead...
Alright enough is enough. If you plan on trying it out, know that there is a one dollar trial available that gives you access to everything in the members' area for 14 days. That's two full weeks to fully try everything that Niche Profit Classroom has to offer. If you find it's not for you, all you have to do is cancel and at worst, you're out a dollar.


IMPORTANT UPDATE (2013/02/24): There have been some recent updates from Adam Short and his team that will affect all members new and old. The biggest news is that there will be a major update and 2013 will see the release of NPC version 5.0.

This will mean all new training that covers everything you need to know about the google panda and penguin algorhithms and how to make sure that the sites you build are compliant with what the search engines want.

It's also been mentioned that some of the training will fill some of the gaps I thought needed to be improved (as written in this review). Other issues with this program I'm not sure if they'll be fixed.

Whatever happens, I'll keep a close eye on things and I'll make sure to update this review to include all the new features.